Natural Elegant Makeup at Tanishq Makeover Studio

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May 10, 2018

Natural Elegant Makeup at Tanishq Makeover Studio

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People say that a woman’s lips are first thing that people notice when she walks into a room. If you are the lookout for some attention, this red lip mystery look is never going to disappoint. Get a deep red lipstick and lashing of dark mascara to shift focus towards your luscious lips. Maybe try this one the next time you get a wedding reception invitation!

Running late but still want to look great? Nobody spends more than ten minutes creating this kook with sexy lips and false lashes. Excellent for summer days off work when you want to get out to the shops. We have a experience in Bridal Makeup Artist in Udaipur from the last 15 years.

Spending time by the pool this summer? Then you will want to ensure your makeup doesn’t run and ruin your style. The wet and wild look with waterproof mascara and a simple bronzer is all you need .

Ladies who expect to spend time on the red carpet under all those lights need to make sure they create lots of exciting tones within their bronzing.

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Although it is common for brides to hire a Best Bridal Makeover Studio in Udaipur for their big day, many women prefer to do their own makeup. In fact, it was rumored that the Pooja Rohida of Tanishq Makeover Studio did her own makeup for her wedding day after taking professional courses! If you’re a bride who feels more comfortable being in control of the makeup brushes you should absolutely go for it.

We’ve put together a look that is simple, elegant and easy to achieve.

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